The Hum and the rise of Cancer

Mass complaints of a low frequency irritating noise, known as the Hum, began in the 1950s. Complaints came from many countries around the world and by the 1990s it was evident that the Hum was a truly global problem.

Early attempts to explain the Hum as an acoustic phenomena, were exposed as absolute rubbish and explanations involving radio waves and micro waves have also been proved to be rubbish.
Having nothing else to offer scientists and government officials have sought to blame Hum sufferers themselves, saying the Hum is tinnitus or even mass hysteria.

The answer to the Hum is none of these things, it is caused by an interaction that takes place between the ionosphere and the power grid, this produces gravity waves that are picked up by the inner ear.

Detection and measurement of these gravity waves is quite simple and should be within the capability of anyone who makes the effort to look.

The next question to ask is, besides inducing an irritating noise and causing loss of sleep, What other damage are these waves doing to the human body.
One does not have to be a medical genius to observe that since the 1950s the number of people in the UK suffering and dying of cancer has reached epidemic proportions and the UK government has accepted that the situation will become worse.
The massive use of electricity has changed the environment of the planet and the hum species is paying the price.

question and reply from the European Commission

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