Cancer and the Hum

The rise of cancer and environmental pollution

The Hum is perceived as a low frequency sound that is heard in many countries around the world and mass complaints about the Hum began 50 years ago.
It is important to understand that the energy responsible for producing the Hum has nothing to do with sound waves and the illusion of sound is generated in the brain.

The Hum is caused by an interaction that takes place between the electrical power grid and the ionosphere, giving rise to the creation of Gravity Waves.
These waves are spread over thousands of square miles covering countries and even continents.

Gravity Waves are distinguished from other forms of energy by two important properties.

1 They only interact with matter that is itself in a state of vibration.
2 They pass through matter in a state of rest unhindered

Detection and measurement of Gravity Waves is not difficult and should be within the capability of any high school student but it seems that most people are afraid to look

There is no known protection against the effects of Gravity Waves and as the size of the world grid continues to increase so will the intensity of the waves and the number of those effected.

A good indication of the intensity of Gravity Waves can be obtained by observing the number of cancer cases in a given population.
In the UK where there has been stream of complaints about the Hum for over 50 years, the cancer rate is among the highest in the world.

question and reply from the European Commission

A recording of the Hum made in Bristol and showing the phase changes responsible for the heaches and nausea experienced by Hum sufferers is available as a video on YouTube Bristol Hum

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